Your Stone - Faceted - Set in a Modern Style Pendant - Sterling Silver

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Imagine it: Having a small stone you collected on a recent trip, faceted into a beautiful round or octagon cut, and set in this hand made pendant!

~Makes a great keepsake or gift!

~Faceting is done by me, in house!

~Cut stones will have 25 facets and will be cut to about 12 - 14mm in diameter.

~Pendant is solid sterling silver and includes a leather cord with sterling hook and eye clasp OR a Solid Sterling Silver cable chain.

The process is simple; 

1.Purchase this service which includes everything!

2. You'll be contacted via email with shipping instructions.

3. Once the stone arrives, I'll notify you via email and make sure the stone will work. If there are any problems with the stones, we'll address them. 

4. Then I'll cut your pebble into a round or octagon cut (your choice).

5. After I have completed the cutting, you'll receive another email from me with an update and photo of your newly cut stone!

6. I'll the craft a pendant in the same design shown, and set your stone in it.

7. Once I finish the pendant, I'll email you a tracking number and the pendant will be in your hands shortly.

About your stone:

Please select a stone that is about the size of a marble. Or a little larger.

The stone must be free from any cracks.

I cannot facet stones which are to crumbly or flaky, such as shale, or sandstone. Harder stones work best, such as quartz, granite, marble, feldspar, agate and jasper.

If you are unsure if your stone will be suitable, please email me in advance using out contact form.

The total turn around time for this project can take up to 4 or 5 weeks due to the shipping times back and forth, plus the two stage process of both faceting and fabricating the pendant. Please plan ahead.

Questions or special requests? Just ask!

Want to see a video of the cutting process? Check out the one I shot while cutting this piece of granite.