Jewelry Classes - 100 Series

 Welcome to my online Jewelry Classes!

These classes were created to help anyone and everyone who might want to learn how to create jewelry on their own.  Or, if you've ever just been curious to learn more about how I make my jewelry, these videos are designed to take even the total novice through the steps of selecting tools, learning the fundamentals and learning to develop their skills.

Silver Smiting 101 - Introduction

Silver Smiting 102 Safety

Silver Smithing 103 - Tools 


Sliver Smithing 104 - Making a simple Ring


Silver Smithing 105 - Making a bezel

 Silver Smithing 106 - Attaching a bezel to a ring


Silver Smithing 107 - Bezel Setting a Cabochon


Silver Smithing 108 - Tools For Faceted Stones


Silver Smithing 109 - Attaching Prongs to a ring


Silver Smithing 110 - Setting a faceted stone in Prongs


Silver Smithing 111 - Making and adding droplets to your work

Silver Smithing 112 - Oxidizing Silver 


Silver Smithing 113 - Class Challenge!