Sustainable Sourcing

I live a life that is pretty minimal and try my best to buy foods and products that also tread lightly on our planet. For this reason, I also do my best to ensure the metals, gemstones and diamonds I use are sourced from responsible, sustainable and traceable sources whenever possible.  Below is a list of some of the various efforts that are taken along the supply chain before the jewelry reaches its final destination: You.

My raw metals come from a company located in the US that is certified in the following ways:

~LBMA Proactive Monitoring Certificate Gold

~LBMA Proactive Monitoring Certificate Silver

~LBMA Responsible Gold

~LBMA Responsible Silver

~RJC Chain of Custody

~ISO 9001

~Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council

~Recycled Gold and Silver


Findings, Parts etc...

When buying premade settings, heads, prongs, earrings parts, chains, etc... my suppliers all adhere to the following:

~Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council

~SCS Global Services Certifications (100% recycled precious metals)



All diamonds I purchase must meet at a minimum:

Adherence to the code of conduct put forth by the World Diamond Council System of Warranties and the Kimberly Process.

These diamonds are all verified to have come from conflict free zones and are traced along their route from mine to cutter to distributor.

All diamonds are screened by the GIA (gemological Institute of America) to ensure they are natural diamonds.

Diamonds I use will always be Natural, unless noted otherwise.


All gemstones I use will be guaranteed to be of natural earth mined origin unless noted otherwise.

I also will make note as to if a stone is "Natural", "Lab Created" or "Synthetic" (or imitation).

I make an effort to buy from local mines when possible, or direct from dealers when not.