Ever wonder what other people are saying about Earth Art? Now you can look and see for yourself.  In addition to having been featured in various local jewelry stores, galleries and other shops, I also maintain a shop on Etsy. In the past, I also curated a collection of work on CustomMade as a Founding Maker.

Many of my items featured on this website, are also listed on Etsy. Prices can vary some between each website depending on how much commission I am charged, or different promotions that I may be running.  Here is a little bit about each website, how I am involved, and direct links to my feedback.


Etsy is a selling ground for anyone who wishes to sell either hand made, or vintage goods.  The website is made up of lots of smaller online "shops". Each one is maintained and stocked by its relative shop owner.  In my shop, I sell much of the same jewelry that you see here on the website.  Every shop owner operates under the rules and regulations of Etsy, and benefits from being in a larger collection of goods which can be collectively searched by potential buyers. I joined Etsy in November of 2009 and have been selling on that site ever since.  Each time someone buys from me, after they receive their item, they have the chance to leave feedback on the transaction, plus any comments that they wish.  This feedback is available to the public to that other potential buyers can look at a sellers past feedback.

Here is a direct link to my feedback page:





I started with Custommade at the near onset of the sites creation, and was a founding maker and stuck with them for multiple years. In late 2018, when they shut down their jewelry section, I was forced to close my account along with thousands off other jewelers. Upon closing my account there one of their department VP's told me that I was considered one of only two makers on the site that they trusted and admired for my consistent service and 5 star track record.


Need More?

Here is a testimonial from Susan.  She was literally the first person to ever hire me for a custom job. 8 years later, she still comes to me with her jewelry needs.  In early 2014, she wrote this testimonial for me:

I had the good fortune to discover Austin in 2010, when I needed someone to set a small stone for me.  I wanted a very simple setting, and that's what Austin delivered -- but with a couple of touches of flair that really set that little stone apart.  Since then, I've commissioned a number of projects from him, both for myself and as gifts, and I've been completely happy with every one of them.

Sometimes jewelry is much more than simply adornment. Most of the jewelry I wear has special meaning behind it. Austin works very hard to present interesting and beautiful designs when requested or to take my design ideas and make them work. He's extremely thoughtful and patient, always willing to explain why something won't work and to suggest alternatives. Throughout the entire design process, he does everything possible to create a piece that is true to the original symbolism or design idea.  This is incredibly important to me, and it means a great deal to me that Austin respects and supports the underlying personal symbolism of the pieces he makes for me.

In addition to the excellent workmanship and obvious care apparent in every piece of jewelry Austin has made for me, I've also been very pleased with the quality of the stones he has provided.  Every one has been exactly as he described it, and consistently even more beautiful in person than in the photographs he sends.  I've been particularly impressed with his commitment to accurate labeling and descriptions of the stones he sells.  Many online vendors blatantly misrepresent the quality of their stones, and some even mislabel them entirely, which is an abhorrent and unethical practice.  I never have to worry about that with Austin's stones.

In short, Austin is a very talented and inspired craftsman who uses high quality materials to create beautiful, well-made jewelry.  I trust him completely, and count myself extremely lucky to have found such a skilled and caring smith.

Susan K, of Maryland


Here is a recent email I received from Gwen, two years after she received and wore her First order from me:

I realize this is very random after almost two years since I bought this, but I've been really wanting to write you to just say thanks again for the ring! I didn't realize when I bought it that there was a timeframe in which I could post a review, and I've always felt bad that I missed the window.

So I just wanted to tell you that I literally don't take this ring off ever except to clean it or when I'm at the gym. I have worn it every day for almost the past two years, and it has held up beautifully. Most rings I've bought usually either get warped, or the stone gets loose, or something of that nature (I'm not particularly gentle on my jewellery). But apart from some normal wear on the silver, the ring looks perfect. I'm honestly so impressed with the craftsmanship and the quality of the ring, and I just thought you should know! 

Gwen B, of Ontario, Canada


A Review by Russell for his Custom Italian Horn Mothers Pendant, a rush job in December of 2018:

If any one wants something spectacular done this is the guy to go to. Actually he was the only one that contacted me within hours. I told him what I was looking for and he had something put together within a day and then a little adjustment was made and a project was underway. I live outside the country and contacted from there and Austin was in complete communication and had it done ahead of schedule. he also had time to size a ring and had it done within 1 1/2 hours. I just so happen to be in the area at that time. So now if I have anything that needs to be done I will now always go to Austin for my projects and I would recommend Austin to anyone. He is a professional, a true artist, and top notch craftsman, not to mention perfect customer service. OUTSTANDING! I would give him more Stars if I could.

Russell S. of Florida


A Review by Sydni for her Custom Halo Game themed wedding band in 2020:

Austin made my husband's original wedding band when we got married almost 6.5 years ago. My husband's job went a bit rough on his band and I reached back out to Austin to get him a new one. He took my vision of a Halo themed ring, the game that is the whole reason I ended up meeting my husband, and made a beautiful themed ring. My husband is going to love it. Now, I just have to see if I can wait until Christmas before I give it to him.

Sydni B. of North Carolina