Having accrued thousands of completed projects over the years, I have a pretty large database of past custom and sold pieces.  I have created a separate website just to host all off the images!

Click here to see the FULL GALLERY of my past work.



A custom sapphire ring in white and yellow gold

A custom sapphire ring, in white and yellow gold, completed Fall of 2020


A custom tanzanite ring in 14k white gold
A custom tanzanite ring, in 14k white gold with natural diamonds, completed Summer of 2020
Custom boulder opal ring with cognac diamonds
A custom boulder opal ring with cognac diamonds, completed in early 2020.
Custom hematite included quartz cocktail ring
Custom hematite included quartz cocktail ring, in sterling and rose gold, completed May of 2020.
For every project I show off in my galleries, there are at least a dozen that I do not, simply due to lack of time and space.
If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece, please send me a message by visiting the contact page.