Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where are you located?

My shop is located in Atascadero, California in the USA. I work from home so I do not give out my physical address. Please contact me if a shipping address is needed.


What does the "EA" stamp on my jewelry mean?

The EA stands for "Earth Art" which is my company name.  Any jewelry made from precious metal should be stamped with both a purity stamp indication the type of metal and its purity as well as a "Makers Mark" which identifies the person or company that made it.  In this case, I am a sole proprietor so any ring, pendant, etc, with the EA stamp was made by me, Austin Moore.

I also use a stamp that says "Earth Art" as well as a stamp with my logo; the double wave symbol seen in the upper left corner of the website and on my business card.

In some jurisdictions, makers marks are required. I consider it a matter of pride to include on on everything I make.


What do the different "purity" stamps look like?

.925 = Sterling silver with at least 92.5% silver content

10k = solid 10k gold with at least 41.6% gold content

14k = solid 14k gold with at least 58.3% gold content

18k = solid 18k gold with at least 75.0% gold content

22k = solid 22k gold with at least 91.6% gold content

750  or 750 Au is commonly used to refer to 18k gold in many European countries.

950 Plat or 950 Pt refers to platinum that is at least 95% pure.

Other purities of platinum are sometimes used but I only use 950 platinum


Do you use gold or rhodium plating to make your jewelry look like it used two metals?

No! Anytime you see two or more different metals used in my work, each one is solid and made in whole, of that metal.  For example: On my D20 rings, the entire dice is made from solid 14k gold and the ring shank is made from solid sterling silver or solid 14k white gold (depending on which version you order). I never use plating to get my signature two tone look. This process is more expensive but it affords me a higher level of detail and it means the metal colors never wear off.

There are other companies that do use plating to achieve the dual metal look. This type of look is one with a "pen plating" system where a gold plating is "drawn" onto the ring or pendant so that a gold color is added to select portions of a piece. This can wear off quickly and is prone to tarnish around the edges if applied over silver. It is then expensive to re-apply and can only be done by a company that has this type of plating system.


Do you apply plating of any kind?

Yes. I offer very limited types of plating. One of them is a ceramic E-coating which is a baked on color plating that I add to a limited number of items, such as my "Portal rings". I generally only apply this plating to pieces where the color will only be present in low-wear areas of the ring or pendant (recessed areas not prone to wear and tear).

I do offer re-plating services.

I also do offer Rhodium plating, but by request only. None of my white gold jewelry is plated. Rhodium is expensive to apply in small batches and it costly as a material in and of itself. Once applied, it will need to be re-applied every year or two to preserve the look of finish.


Are your brass items plated?

No. If an item states that it is brass (or bronze) then that is what it is. It is not plated or sealed.



Are your diamonds real?

If I state that an article uses "diamonds" then I am always referring to natural, earth mined diamonds.

I will always disclose if any stone I use is natural, lab created synthetic or cubic zirconia, etc... This also goes for any gemstones or pearls used.

In addition, I only source diamonds from merchants that are in compliance with the Kimberly Accord.


Do you offer repair work?

Yes. I always offer repair services for any item that I make.  My ability to repair it will of course depend on the repair that is needed. Please email me and include as much info as you can along with a photo if applicable, and I'll reply with a quote if I am able to perform the work.

The same goes for any item that I did not make. However, I feel no obligation to repair items from other companies or jewelers and will only accept repair work on a case by case basis. 

While I will always make an effort to repair my won work. Most jewelers would agree that if a repair or modification is needed, it is always best to take it to the original maker.


Can you re-size my ring?

That depends on the ring, and how much change is needed to the size and weather it needs to be larger or smaller as well as a few other factors.  

In general: I can stretch most rings up a 1/4 size.

I cannot reduce a ring size except by cutting it, removing metal, and soldering it back together. For this reason, rings with a pattern that continues all the way around are not good candidates for a reduction is size (nor for enlarging for that matter).


Do you offer Exchanges?

Yes, on some items. Please review my policies for a longer explanation of what is eligible for an exchange. Or email me and I'll be happy to let you know if a specific model/material is eligible.