Tourmaline in Gold and Silver - 13mm bar cut

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A beautiful stone like this needs no extra ornamentation. Instead I focused on presenting the stone in a simple way, with as flawless an execution as I could. Simple sleek lines and a modern euro shank style create a timeless look of elegance.


Size 7

Solid Sterling Silver ring shank with euro style to help prevent it from rotating on the finger.

Solid 14k Yellow gold head

Natural Afghanistan Tourmaline. Stone measures 13mm x 5.75mm

The tourmaline is a stunning seafoam green to grass green hue.

This stone is very clean when viewed face on as seen in the photos. Cleavage planes are visible when viewed at certain angles, as shown in the second photo. This is fairly common for tourmaline.

One of a kind, this ring is finished and read to ship. You'll receive the exact ring pictured.