The Master Sword Pendant

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Possibly the most recognizable sword in the world of gaming, this recreation inspired by the Legend of Zelda series is finely crafted in solid sterling silver and is sure to get noticed by fans and jewelry loves alike.

~Solid Sterling Silver

~Total length of 2.4" (60mm), The sword measures 2.1" (54mm).

~Scabbard and sword are not connected and the sword can easily be removed

~2.4mm Solid sterling silver cable chain- 20" length

~Made to order in about 2 weeks

A note: The sword is pointy, but the edge is not sharp enough to cut skin. It is loose in the scabbard and could fall out if one is running or bending over, swimming, fighting bokoblins, etc... Thus, A replacement sword can also be ordered as an option. Going into the Lost Woods to get a new one is harder than it sounds... so try not to loose it ;)

And YES, you may order just the sword, even if you do not already own the scabbard.