The Demons Eye - Smokey Quartz and Garnet Talisman Pendant

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I really love how this one turned out. Going into this design, I only had a rough idea of how I wanted it to look. As an added challenge, I made this using recycled scrap silver and gold I had left over from other projects. My goal being to not use any new materials (aside from the stones).

I intentionally made everything a little rustic looking. I wanted it to look old, and by that< I mean like it was crafted in ancient times with rudimentary tools, even though I used modern technology like arc welding to aid in its creation.

The main body of the pendant is solid sterling silver, oxidized to a flat black.
The web covering the stone is solid 14k yellow gold with a matte finish.
The chain is also an oxidized solid sterling silver box chain, aprox 18" long.
The main stone is a huge natural smokey quartz! aprox 17mm diameter (about 16 carats)
The center small stone is a natural Demantoid garnet. With a high refractive index of 1.8, it has a bit of sparkle to it, much like a diamond.

The quartz has been positioned so that a substantial amount of the stone protrudes behind the back, allowing full contact with the skin. For many, this is important for healing properties and stone energies.

I've also included a few pictures of the making of the pendant.

This is a one of a kind piece
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