Tetris Ring - 14k gold - A retro gamer band

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Ah Tetris... my old friend and Nemesis. I have embodied you in a ring! The ring is made up of a full array of interlocking pieces, and being the slight nerd that I am, I even mapped out the full ring with actual Tetris shapes to make sure that this exact design could be made with real Tetris shapes without any overlap. In addition, I designed the ring so that it could interlock with more rings as long as both rings were the same size. See the last picture of an example of a yellow gold and sterling silver ring shown interlocked together.

And Yes, I do make a sterling silver version here:


This version is made to order in solid 14k gold. Please select your ring size and gold color when checking out.

The ring is scaled depending on the size, so all rings will use the same pattern and number of blocks, but larger rings will have larger blocks, smaller ring will have smaller blocks, etc... Send me a message if you want to know how big a specific size will be. The ring has a satin outer finish and a polished inside.

Orders will take about 2 weeks to complete. If you have an special request for other metals or special block arrangements, please just send me a message.