Suspended Tourmaline - 14k rose gold and silver pendant

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This cute little necklace features a happy little watermelon Tourmaline and two matching sapphires.

For some reason, to me, it looks like a cute little robot face.

The sapphires were selected as their colors were perfect to continue the red to green color gradation... as if they are a continuation of the colors in the tourmaline.

The rose gold accents the pinkish hues of the tourmaline quite well, and the sterling silver adds a bit of contrast.


~Solid Sterling Silver Rolo chain, all links and rings are soldered shut.

~Total length is 19" including the pendant.

~Tourmaline is 100% natural

~Tourmaline measures: 12.8mm x 6.4mm

~Each sapphire is 4mm, also natural.

~No plating. Each metal is solid and each part is welded in place, no glue or epoxy.

~Pendant is approx. 1" wide 

This is a one of a kind piece and is finished and ready to ship!

Makes a wonderful gift or anniversary present. Will come in a nice hinged pendant box.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October.