Solid Australian Opal with Ribbon Mackerel color play 6.28 carats

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Video Below.

This stone has a beautiful color play across the surface! One of my new favorites. When I purchased this stone, it was lacking a proper polish and had been cut in an odd shape to maximize the carat weight. I reshaped it and re-polished the front of the stone to a glossy wet shine. The stone has a volet/white base color with a full spectrum off color play with no dead spots or pooch on the face of the stone.

The stone does have two minor flaws:
~The back of the stone has a small chip missing, which will not be visible if set in a full bezel.
~There is a hairline crack present in the face of the stone, in the upper left side. When I purchased this stone, the older gentleman that sold it to me said the cleavage plan had been there since he cut the stone over ten years ago and it had not grown in that time, so I am confident that it is stable. It is visible if you know where to look and is about 3mm long.

Aside from that, the rare color play patterning makes this a collectors stone, a rare find in australian opals which are getting harder and harder to find at good prices so I am pleased to be able to offer this piece at such a low price.

Weight: 6.28 carats
Size: 19.45mm x 15.25mm x 3.93mm
Natural, Australian in origin.

I am more than happy to set this piece in a piece of jewelry for you if desired.