Solid Australian Black Opal Cabochon - 21.89 carats Natural

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You can watch a video of myself, cutting this exact stone below.

The stone was cut from a piece of solid rough opal, from the Lightning Ridge mines in Australia. The rough was about 20 years old, possibly older when I acquired it. I know this as it came from an older estate sale. I cut the stone in early November, 2020. It is very stable material, Not a single crack or fainted bit of crazing

Very minor potch on the back

21.89 carats
Solid, No treatments, guaranteed
N4-N5 Dark
Brightness of color play is a 4-5
Stone does not display play of color when viewed dead-on.
Two distinct patterns are seen: Broad flash, and Chinese writing.
22.4mm x 16.99mm x 9.16mm
Perfect for a pendant or necklace