Soccer Ball or FootBall ring - Sterling Silver with Black Diamonds

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Fútboll or Soccer? It doesn't really matter, just your love for the sport. I think I started playing when I was about 5 years old and always loved it (Although I can't say I was any good). But It did give me the idea for this new ring that I've created for other fans of the sport.

A low domed cigar band style ring, crafted as if a hole were punched right through the center of a soccer ball. The pattern runs all the way around and to put a little emphasis, I added a patch of 6 black stones in one of the pentagons, off center since I like a little asymmetry.

~The ring features a solid sterling silver construction.

~Not hollowed out

~Your choice of ether black spinel or Black Diamonds, or no stones.

~Your choice of ring size

~Made to order in about 1-2 weeks.



PS: If you'd like a customized one with different gemstones or a different metal,please just send me a message with your idea. I am always happy to modify my designs to suit. Other ideas might be adding a team name or logo or team colors for the especially devout fan.