Sapphire Chaos Signet Ring - Sterling and 14k

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This ring was made using the ancient process of sand casting which allows me to cast stones such as these sapphires in-place.

Sapphires are one of the few stones that can withstand the high heat and utter shock of coming into sudden contact with molten metal.

The stones used here are all misfit cuts, but are natural sapphires.

The primary pour was done in sterling silver with solid 14k droplets added.

After the pour is completed, I still spend a great deal of time hand finishing the ring to the desired look. In this case, I wanted a weathered stone look to match the random and rustic look of the stones.

The inside of the ring was given a great deal of attention to ensure a smooth and fully polished finish.

Size 9.5

The top of the ring measures 22mm x 11mm

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