Opal Mosaic in sterling silver Ring with White Topaz

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I found a few of these antiques opal mosaic cabs in an older rockhound collection. I've slowly been setting them in new pieces. These opal mosaics are made from an onyx backing, a layer of opal, and a clear cap, usually made from quartz.

In this ring, I wanted a bold ring, with some contrasting textures and tones, so I gave it a polished silver bezel, and a textured ring shank. the white topaz also serve to contrast against the black tone of the opal.

Solid sterling silver
Size 8
Opal dimensions: 13 x 17mm
Topaz are 6x4mm each
Ready to ship!

The small white mark on the lower portion of the opal mosaic is a small blemish on the stone, it is visible to the naked eye.