Opal and Pastel Sapphire Halo Pendant 14k

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A lovely spring time pendant featuring a solid Australian opal and a delightful mix of sapphires.

A video can be seen below, take outdoors in natural light.


~A solid opal from Australia, this is an older stone, at least 20 years old, if not more, very stable. No cracks or crazing. I re-polished it myself to bring out the best shiny possible, finishing with a 100k diamond grit. A full bodied stone with a high dome and complete coverage of play-of-color.

~Opal weight: 19.8 carats

~Sapphires: Natural gems, Aprox 1.5 cttw. colors ranging from lavender, through blues, greens and yellows and oranges.

~Open back design for the best light and a view of the entire stone.

~Solid 14k white gold. No plating

~Includes the solid 14k white gold chain pictured. 18" length.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece and is ready to ship.