Natural Ruby in Sterling and 18k - brushed finish solitaire

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Natural Rubies are hard to come by in larger sizes, but I've managed to come across a few nicer sones, that are commercial grade, yet still very beautiful. After several New York and Paris designers started using commercial and raw grade stones in their designs, this new trend has become more in vogue as of late.

~The ring features solid sterling silver, Deox alloy for greater tarnish resistance.

~A brushed finish on the surface contrasts beautifully with the polished 18k yellow gold droplets, one of my signature design elements.

~The inside of the 4mm wide band has a comfort fit, the band is thicker and has a nice feel to it, not cheap or hollowed out.

~The droplets are all solid 18k yellow gold (Not plated accents), 8 drops total

~One of the droplets has a small natural white diamond flush set into the surface; I like to add a surprise element to many of my designs.

~Size 8.5 (Can be sized up to 8.75 or 9 a no extra charge).

~The ruby is a natural stone, heat treated, fracture filled

~The stone measures 2.85 carats and is 7.3mm x 10mm, Oval cut

As you can see in the pictures, there is some darker inclusions inside the stone, hence why it is considered "Commercial Grade". But that is why I selected it for this more modern and industrial styled ring.

This ring is one of a kind and is ready to ship.