14k Natural Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement Ring - Art deco Themed

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I really like the art deco period for jewelry. It has a logical geometric structure and grace that has always appealed to me. My designs natural gravitate towards these themes so creating new pieces that have this older vibe seems to be an easy expression for me.

Here are the details of the ring:

~Natural Paraiba Tourmaline, meaurese 6.1mm x 4.1mm and is extra deep.

~The stone has some natural internal flaws, which is normal for this rare material. They are difficult to see by the naked eye.

~As you can see, the stone is lighter in color than the higher grade paraiba.

~The ring is made from solid 14k white gold/palladium alloy and does not contain nickel. It is also not rhodium plated.

~The ring is a size 8, but I can resize this ring up or down before shipping. I have includes several options in the pulldown menu.

~All of the diamonds are natural white diamonds, SI, GH (eye clean), these are full round brilliant cut stones (not chips), and are in accordance with the Kimberlee Accord for diamonds.

~Shipping will include tracking and postal insurance.

If you have any questions, please just let me know! This is the only stone like this that I have, these gemstones are rare.