Natural opal pendant - Rustic southwestern style - With sterling silver and 14k

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A stunning new piece done by hand using solid sterling silver and solid 14k yellow gold droplets.

~The pendant measures 2" long x 1" wide

~It comes with a solid sterling silver 22" snake chain

~This is a solid white base ethiopian opal, it has a beautiful ice crystal like color play pattern.

~The opal is 33mm x 22mm (1 1/4" x 7/8")

~This stone is not transparent, it is a rare type that has no transparency but still has a beautiful display of surface fire!

~There is a hairline crack near the tip of the stone which can be seen in the photos. It does not appear to be a problem at this time.

~Watch the video of this pendant below. The video is taken in indoor warm lighting.

I really enjoy making pieces like this. In this pendant, I wanted to create something that was juicy, dripping with details.

The golden drops cling to the piece like sunlit drops of dew hanging from leaves in the morning, the opal catches the sun's light like a vibrant prism, casting rainbows of color across its surface.

This is a handmade, one of a kind piece.  Ready to ship. Shipping will always include postal insurance.

Ships within a day off being ordered.

Questions: just send me a message!