Mox "Diamond" Pendant - MTG Inspired

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The Mox Diamond - One of the most coveted MTG cards in existence! Inspired by this rare card I offer up this piece: The Mox "Diamond" Pendant. This does NOT use a real diamond. the stone here is natural clear quartz which has been cut in a rose cut, meaning it has a flat back and a faceted domed top.

Available in several metal options at different price points:
Solid Brass
Solid Sterling Silver
10k yellow gold
14k yellow gold

All metal options use a rose cut natural clear quartz. These stones do not have a lot of "fire" but I selected it because it is a natural stone and I liked the softness of the stone contrasted against the brightly polished metal.

The chain used will match the metal selection. The chain style may vary slightly from metal to metal. All chains have a lobster clasp.

The chain is very very thin, about 1.0mm.

Made to order in about 1-2 weeks.


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