Moonrise Landscape Pendant with Lapis - Sterling silver

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This Pendant was inspired by Mt Shasta, which was about an hour from where I grew up. As you drove through town, you'd get glimpses of this beautiful snow capped mountain through the foothills. Driving up there, you'd get better and better views until you were so close that the trees obscured the mountain entirely. Then, you'd bust from the timberline onto the flanks of the mountain as it soared above you and into the clouds.

We used to go up there at night to ski the trails in the moonlight.

This pendant is crafted in solid sterling silver and features a single natural moonstone, just cresting over the horizon. the background stone is a slab of natural lapis. The back of the stones has some carved markings in it and a small piece of silver stamped with "EA .915" and the front is smooth.

Includes a sterling silver rolo chain as pictured.
This piece is one of a kind and is ready to ship.