Modern Takedown Recurve Bow Pendant in Sterling Silver and 14k gold

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A takedown bow is simply a bow that can be disassembled down into three parts: the riser and two limbs. For most folks first trying out archery, this might be their first bow. It's versatility means the bow can grow with you. It's my first and still favorite bow to shoot. The offset riser also means the archers paradox is eliminated by placing the arrow rest and string in line.

In this case, I have opted for a right handed shooter (left side rest). If you'd prefer a leftie bow, please let me know in a note to the seller and I'll fashion your pendant with a right hand rest (for a left handed shooter!)

Like its real counterpart, I will make each of these pendants to order and there may be very subtle differences.

~Choose between a sterling silver arrow or a solid 14k yellow gold arrow.
~All arrows are soldered in place (This bow will not shoot)
~Each bow will feature a solid 14k yellow gold bow string, hand tied, with the arrow notched. It is not soldered or glued in place.
~Each bow features a solid sterling silver bow and grip.
~Each pendant comes with a 20" x 1.5mm solid sterling silver chain.
~All pendants will be packed in a nice hinged gift box.

Made to order in about 2 weeks.

If you'd like to customize the metals, or even have a custom bow made, please just send me a message and we can work out a custom order.