Mens Mega Blaster Themed Ring

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Many a rainy day was spent shooting, sliding and leaping to victory in the Megaman universe as a kid. This was hands down, one of my favorite games, both to play solo, and to play with a friend, trading off the controller as we each battled robots in an effort to defeat the evasive Dr. Wily. 

I designed this to be modeled off the Megaman arm blaster. While in the game you can collect a multitude of new and cool blasters, the original was almost always the tool of choice.


~Round Imitation garnet center stone (Chosen for its deep pure red color)

~Channel set square yellow cubic zirconia on one side.

~Solid sterling silver

~Polished finish

~Made to order in about 2 weeks

~Available in sterling silver. If you would like a quote for this ring in a different metal, please just send me a request.

The ladies matching ring is sold separately.