Mens Gem Silica Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

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A new ring featuring natural Gem Silica and untreated Montana Sapphires, set in sterling silver.

Ring size: 10.5

This ring is a larger signet, with the stone measuring 15.2mm x 11mm, making this a bold piece, with a bold textured band that will take abuse over the years.

The color of the stone is a sea green/blue.

Initially I was not 100% sure if this was gem silica or not, but after showing some pictures to a few folks who knew their stuff, I am confident that this is indeed gem silica and not chrysoprase or chalcedony. the ring has a closed back and is not hollowed out but the stone is semi translucent.

The Montana sapphires were collected by my grandparents decades ago and I had them faceted to use in special projects like this one. I opted not to have them heat treated so these are simply the natural hue of untreated sapphires which is a very very light greyish aqua.

One of a kind, ready to ship.