Low Profile Tire Tread Ring- Sterling Silver

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A nicely detailed sterling silver Car Tire ring. Extra wide and thick enough to feel sturdy, but not too heavy.

I can make this ring in two different finishes: Satin or Oxidized (Starry Night). (Both have a polished inside) Please make a selection when checking out.

IF CHOOSING THE OXIDIZED FINISH: Please read the section below about oxidation.

The ring is made from solid sterling silver.

Please select a size when checking out. Need a larger size? Contact me and I'll quote you on a larger size.

This ring is made to order, please allow a few weeks for the ring to be made and shipped.



ABOUT OXIDATION: Oxidation is a process where the silver is aged at an advanced rate to achieve an even black surface finish over the entire piece. Sometimes I will polish the piece lightly to achieve a "gunmetal" finish which has a shiny grey appearance. Other times I will aggressively polish the piece to remove the black from the high spots to achieve a more rustic look. In my Starry Night Series, I leave the finish as a flat black finish. The durability of this finish is similar to metal plating. It is thin and will wear off with time. Fortunately, my process is safe and non-toxic and can easily be reapplied to any finished piece of silver jewelry. It is safe to perform without removing the stone as well. If you see any piece in my shop that you would like to change the finish on, please just ask. I am more than happy to add my "Starry Night Finish" to any silver piece, or remove the oxidation from any pre-blackened piece. There is no extra cost for this, but I do ask that you pay for the piece before I change the finish. Because I want you to build lifelong relationships with my customers, I offer free re-oxidizing on any of my own pieces of jewelry. Simply contact me with your request so that I can provide proper mailing instructions. I do not charge for this services but I do ask that you provide for the shipping costs, which for most pieces will only cost a few dollars both ways. The average turnaround time is only 2-3 business days. While the piece is in my possession, I am also able to perform other minor alterations or repairs if needed.