Laurel Wreath Band - Sterling or 14k

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The laurel wreath has been used through history to represent strength and accomplishment. In ancient Roman times, Julius Caesar was awarded a laurel wreath after his military victories, and again when he was crowned king. It represented his victories and prowess.

In ancient Greek civilizations, a laurel wreath was awarded to athletes for their victories on the field as well as to soldiers and officers on the battlefield for their bravery.

In modern times, the laurel wreath is still used in Italy and is awarded to a graduate. The term laureato literally means "crowned with laurel". Versions of this term or tradition are also in use around the world, often to celebrate a significant accomplishment or achievement and to honor an individual.

With that, I present this ring, a symbol of valor and perseverance. Makes a wonderful graduation or retirement gift or wedding band.

Crafted as a single piece, the leaves all are connected as a solid piece so there is no worry that they will separate or get tugged out of place.

~Options include ring sizes and metal of your choice.
~All rings are made to order in about 1-2 weeks
~Each ring has a polished inside, and polished raised center section, with matte textured leaves.
~Each ring is about 8mm wide
~Shipping will include tracking and postal insurance.