Large Australian Opal with blue base and Red color play

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This is a beautiful piece which I picked up recently which needed a little TLC before it was ready for me to list here in my shop. The face of the stone is in very good condition.

A nice polish with good red pin prick fire along one side. The red fire against the blue base color is a rare treat for Australian opals. As can be seen in the pictures, the back of the stone has a few chips in it. The stone is already as thin as I'd want to make it, so rather than trying to grind these out and lose a lot of material, I decided to stop.

The stone is stable and would be well suited to be set in a full bezel or wire wrap. The white lines running diagonally across the stone are not cracks, simply different color pooch.


Weight: 17.34 carats

Size: 32.23mm x 23.8mm x 2.94mm thick.

Natural, Australian in origin.

I am more than happy to set this piece in a piece of jewelry for you if desired.