Kryptonite Fortress of Solitude Ring - Sterling Silver

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When I discovered these really cool gemstones I knew right away I wanted to make a Fortress of Solitude ring.
The stone I use here actually has a trade name of "kryptonite".
No, it is not sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide. That would just be a rather inert boring white mineral...
This is a lab grown nano sital crystal, which has a hardness of 7 and some very nice optical properties, making it incredibly vibrant and almost out-of-this-world green.

The rings are made to order, by me as they are ordered.
Each ring is solid sterling silver
All the edges and the inside have been buffed to a beautiful polish with the recessed areas oxidized for contrast.
The ring measures about 17mm long on top
The pear cut gem measures 10x8mm

No... This is not an exact replica of the fortress of solitude... although there have been man versions over the years... this is my conceptual version, crafted into the tiny canvas that is a ring.

If you like this ring, but want a different gemstone, please just ask for a quote. I can provide just about any stone one could want.