Indicolite Tourmaline Mens Signet Ring with Mokume Gane Inlay

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A handsome new signet ring that I honestly considered keeping for myself! Deep blue/teal tourmaline carries the name "indicolite" and this piece is well deserving with its rich saturated color and vivid clarity. Stones of this caliber are rare so it was a nice treat to get to work with.

The ring is made from solid sterling silver. I added an inlay of copper and argentium silver mokume gane to the sides and all the way around the band. I wanted to give the ring a unique and masculine look that would not be easily copied.

The tourmaline is 3.5 carats and measures 9.4mm x 7.9mm x 5.6mm deep.
It is eye clean, with no detectable surface or internal flaws.
It has a deep color saturation, which shifts from deep teal, to blue to a vivid greenish blue depending on the lighting.

This ring is one of a kind and ready to ship.

Size 9