Here I Am Here I Remain - House Atreides Band - 8mm

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I've been a fan of the Dune series ever since I could read. I picked up the first novel by Frank Herbert and was hooked! 15 books later And this series is still one of my all time favorites!

Here I am, Here I remain.

The saying has so many subtle meanings but to me, it means I am here, I have survived and I will continue to thrive and meet any adversary or any challenge thrown in my path. 

I did my best to create my own version of how I envision their house crest: the Hawk.

Each band is about 8mm wide with a comfort fit style band, rounded edges and a polished finish with oxidized details.

All rings will also feature the engraving:

This engraving is difficult to do as the font s so narrow, but I've done my best to capture the theme.

Made to order in about 1-2 weeks

All rings are solid sterling silver. If you would like a quote for gold or platinum, please send me a message.