Heavy Sterling Silver Arrowhead Pendant with a Natural Ruby

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This is a solid sterling silver "Arrowhead". I ground out the concave areas to give it a natural knapped appearance.

The size is large, measuring 54mm x 24mm x 4mm thick in the middle (For those using the imperial system, this is roughly 2 3/16" x 1" x 3/16") . It is heavy enough to be noticeable. It weights almost 1 ounce.

Set off center is a small natural ruby. It represents the blood of the past peoples that came before us. I made this piece of of respect for them, their grandchildren and the future generations.

The cord is natural leather, and uses a double knot system for an adjustable fit. It is designed to lift over the head and then tighten to the desired length. Naturally, you are welcome to re-tie this with your own cord of your choosing as there are numerous ways this could be done.

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