Hand Forged Mixed Metal Faceted Ring with Diamonds

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This ring is a hand forged mixture of three metals: Sterling Silver, brass and copper. After forging the metals together into a band, I placed a inner sleeve of solid sterling silver on the inside of the ring so that only sterling silver would be up against the skin. That said, the brass and copper will touch adjacent fingers. If you cannot wear these metals, I'd advise that this ring might not be the best fit for you.

Once I had a rough ring forged, It was pretty grizzly looking. To clean it up, rather then simply doming it into a traditional band, I faceted the ring by hand with files and polishing wheels to get a crude but fun randomly patterned faceted band.

Lastly, I wanted to add some drama, and glamor, so I speckled the ring with 9 natural diamonds randomly around the ring.

This is a hand forged piece, using very old techniques, so it will have a few small imperfections in the metal (pitting, scratches).

This ring is one of a kind. Ready to ship
Size 6 (leaning towards the tighter side, could be considered a loose size 5.75)
The inside is a rounded comfort fit.