Facet Grade Citrine Rough - 5 gram parcel

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You are buying a 5 gram parcel of rough citrine. Most of these have been rough sawn to allow you to wet the stone and look for the best cutting angle.

One 5 gram parcel will have an average of 5 to 7 pieces.

5 grams is equal to 25 carats.

All stones are eye clean.

Many stones display some color zoning

This is natural citrine rough (Not lemon quartz).

Your parcel will be randomly scooped from the 100 gram parcel pictured.

You may buy as many parcels as are currently available.

For example: ordering 3 parcels will be equal to 15 grams total

All of these range from about 6 to 12mm. Please use the dime as a reference.

Parcels may be returned, in their entirety, unmodified, if you are not pleased, for a refund, minus shipping. As per standard industry policy: if you cut it, its yours.

This material is perfect for learning, experimenting or testing new faceting cuts.

A video of the parcel can be seen here: