Extra Wide 9mm Ring Sizers - Made in house

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New: 9mm wide, Made in-house!

These extra wide ring sizers were created to fill the need for a wide ring sizer that would aid in getting a proper ring size for a wide ring. A wide ring (7-10mm wide) will feel tighter than a narrow ring so it is important that you use a wide ring sizer to get an accurate size if ordering a wide band.

These are 3d printed in my studio and are calibrated to the same size as I make my sterling and gold rings.

To make it easier and cheaper to order, I have split the complete set into 5 different options:
Sizes 4-8
Sizes 6-10
Sizes 8-12
Sizes 10-14
Sizes 12-16

Each set will contain 9 ring sizers including full and half sizes.

You also have the option of ordering a complete set which contains all sizes from 4 to 16, including half sizes (25 total sizes).

The color will vary depending on what color spool I have on hand at the time the order is placed.

Please allow about 2-3 days for your order to be sent.

If you have a special request for a set of sizers larger than 16, please send me a message and I can custom create a set for you at a slightly higher cost.

If you are looking to order a narrower ring (2-6mm wide) please order these ring sizers: