Directional Pad Signet Ring - Mens signet Ring - Sterling Silver

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Directional pads are pretty universal across all platforms, and with that concept in mind, I created this new design! I used an original NES controller as the model for this ring. I crafted the signet ring to be comfortable with a solid inside (not hollowed out). The top of the ring is what you'd see if you were to press the controller into the ring. So it give us an inverse look at the directional pad.

The entire ring is polished, save the recessed areas, which insead I apply a partial matte texture to and a polished finish to the round part in the middle. I like this more subtle, let still nicely contrasted look.

~Each ring features a band which is about 6mm wide at the base.

~The cross shape on top is 15mm x 15mm.

~The top surface of the ring sits about 2.5mm off the top of the finger.

~All rings are solid sterling silver (I can quote other metals by request)

Made to order in about 2 weeks.

Each ring will be shipped with tracking and postal insurance.