D10 Dice Earrings - sterling silver or14k Gold

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The newest edition to my dice series: the D10 earring set!

Featuring the odd numbers on one side and the evens on the other. I've designed these to correspond exactly to a classic 10 sided dice, with the correct numbers and geometries. They have been cut in half to make them sit against the ear more smoothly.


~Available in Sterling Silver, 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold and18k now also available!

~Sterling and 14k earrings feature the LuxLock® earring back system.

A clutch free and easy to use, secure earring back, that you can trust year after year to hold your earrings tight and be easy to use. Backing will match the earring color and metal.

~18k earrings feature "Protektor" backs as shown.

~Solid, no plating, earrings are not hollow.

~Each earring is approx. 7.5mm across (about 1/4")

~Made to order in about 2 weeks.