Carved Specimen Chrysocolla From the Ray Mine - Arizona

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This is a hand cut chrysocolla specimen which I hand cut myself in Late September of 2020. The rough itself actually originated from the Ray Mine of Arizona, USA and was unearthed back in 1987. I found two large pieces of rough at an estate and purchased them both for cutting.

From those two, I managed to cut three nice stones, this being one of them.

This stone has some other trace minerals in it but its primary color is a beautiful teal blue.

During cutting, a larger cavity opened up and part of the stone crumbled. To help stabilize this piece, I added a small amount of two part epoxy (See the picture of the back with the light grey patch).

Size: 34 x 27.9 x 14mm

Weight: 69.9 carats

Stabilized "Tri mobius cut" So named for it oblong look of seemingly infinite edges.

Chrysocolla is a fragile stone, take care if setting in jewelry. This is meant to be more of a palm stone, or specimen.

This piece is ready to ship, you'll receive the exact stone pictured.