Boulder Opal Fish swimming in sterling Silver Cave

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When I saw this opal I knew I should do some sort of themed piece (which is sort of my thing) but more than that, I wanted to to really embody this stone. I came up with the design as I drifted off to sleep and refined it over the nights to come as I often do. For that reason, I feel the piece has a rather peaceful, dreamy quality to it. As I crafted this piece, slowly I made small little changes as I worked, like adding the little 18k yellow gold seaweed, adding a few extra bubble rings, and lastly, doing an undulating texture to mimic the reflection of the ocean surface. As you hold this piece in your hand and tilt it this way or that, the carved silver surface reflects the light randomly just like the choppy surface of the sea. The little fish, is peaking out of his cave, not quite sure yet if he wants to venture out. Silver and gold seaweed sway lightly in the current, while a few air bubbles float slowly to the surface. The back is open, showing off the beautifully patterned ironstone matrix behind the carved opal.

This piece has a satin finish. Includes an 18" long x 2.3mm solid sterling silver cable chain (pictured). Includes a hinged pendant box (also pictured).

This is a unique piece, ready to ship!

The pendant is about 1" x 1" (25mm x 25mm) the loop/bail on top add about 1/4"

The opal is 5.6ct