Blue Zircon and Spinel Signet Ring - Solid Sterling Silver heavy mens ring

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Blue zircon is one of the birthstones for December. It is also perhaps one of the lesser understood and more commonly misunderstood gemstones commonly sold in the jewelry market today.

Zircon, is one of the oldest minerals in existence, on earth, today. In fact, it is typically expected to be around 4.4 billion years old! This means it would have formed only a few hundred million years after our own earth formed, 4.5 billion years ago!

To me, holding a crystal in my hand that dates back that far is something remarkable, in and of itself. The irony, is that zircon is commonly confused with cubic zirconia, also known as "CZ". CZ is a man made stone. Zircon is a natural, earth mined stone.

As for this ring, It was freshly made, using recycled sterling silver, cast as a solid piece, and also features natural black spinel, also a precious gemstone, found in nature. Black spinel is the most common spinel color, and its hardness makes it a excellent option for durable mens jewelry.

This ring features a natural blue zircon, a 7mm cushion cut, surrounded by a halo of black spinel, and a sterling rope border. The plain ring shank puts all the focus on the stone itself which has a dazzling display of light and facets, giving of a bit of fire to the stone, which is part of the allure of zircon.

Ring size: 10 This is a solid ring. The inside is not hollowed out. So aside from the hole behind the zircon (used to clean the back of the stone), this is a solid, and hefty ring.

The outside and inside are all polished to a mirror finish.

One of a kind, ready to ship.