Australian opal Drop Pendant - 14k White gold

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Softer pastel hues of white, pink and green sapphires with periwinkle tanzanite adorn this floral colored pendant. It reminds me of a field of wildflowers in the spring.

Pendant Features:

~Solid 14k white gold pendant

~Natural, solid semi crystal Australian opal. The color play has no dead spots and is double sided. 2.7 carats

~Natural sapphire and tanzanite

~Pendant size: 35mm x 10mm

~OPTIONAL: Solid 14k White gold 1mm cable chain, Adjustable up to 22" long with a sliding clasp as pictured. A Teflon lined gold bead holds the chain tightly enough to hold its place, but will slide up or down with a gentle pull.

This pendant is one of a kind and is ready to ship.