Aspen Tree Bark Wedding Ring - 14k - 7mm wide band

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The rings are made with USA milled 14k solid yellow, rose or white gold. The design is inspired by the bark of the aspen tree. A flat, matted texture that wears well over time. The random texture does not show scratches as much as a polished band and wears evenly.

The solid gold band is easily sized up or down if ever needed.

Each ring is hand crafted with care. I hand forge each ring, and then hand apply the texture, and finally I clean up the edges, sides and inside, with a polished trim, giving the rings an organic, yet professional look and feel. these are heirloom quality, made to last.

The ring will be 7mm wide and 1.8mm thick, the inside is always polished and edges are smoothed for comfort.

This band has a flat inside style band and lightly domed outside. Each ring will be made to order, please allow about two weeks for your ring to be made.

Please select your ring size and gold color.