Timeless Amethyst Signet Ring - 3.25 ct - Mixed Metal

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A handsome ring featuring a natural Amethyst in a deep AAA purple in a larger size. I offer up this ring with several different metal options.

All rings will feature:

~Fully polished with lightly textured matte finishes in the recessed triangles and top.

~Two natural white diamonds.

~11x9mm natural Amethyst, eye clean, well cut. These stones average about 3.25 carats.

~All metal options are solid. No plating or gold leaf is used here, only solid metals, soldered together using gold and silver solder.

~All rings are solid inside. There is a cleanout hole behind the peridot, but other than this the ring is not hollowed out.

~Made to order for you, in your ring size and choice of metals.

Metal Options include:

~All Sterling Silver

~Sterling + 18k Yellow top

~All 14k White

~14k White + 18k Yellow Top

~All 18k Yellow

18k is used as it is a much deeper and richer yellow than 14k and gives the ring more punch and contrast against whichever white metal is used.

Questions? Requests, please contact me.