Aggressive Amethyst and Diamond Signet in 18k and Sterling Silver

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This hefty and handsome piece evokes a feeling of ancient royalty, like a king's signet, passed down from generation to generation. Purple is, afterall, the traditional color of Royals.

I used solid 18k yellow gold as an accent and created a solid continuous piece, that is wrapped in sterling silver like its been captured, swallowed up!

Dotting the design are natural white diamonds amid a rugged hand textured and oxidized finish.

The center stone is a beautiful natural amethyst.

~Natural Amethyst center stone, measuring 11mm x11mm, when measured from the long side to long side.
~The top of the ring is and eye catching 17mm wide
~Uses solid, lost wax cast metals, sterling silver and 81k yellow gold
~Natural white diamonds add sparkle and additional value.
~Ring size: 9
~Not hollowed out, extra thick and heavy. There is a clean-out hole behind the stone.
~One of a kind, Read to ship. You'll receive the exact ring pictured.