6.85 ct long bi colored tourmaline - Natural gemstone

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An exceptional stone, with a perfect color split, right down the middle. This stone reminds me of a cloudy day, reflecting of a pond.... moss covered trees, the reflection of clouds off a mountain lake.


~Very nearly flawless

~No visible inclusions

~Well cut

~Green and gray bi color, good color split right at the middle

~6.85 carats

~19.58mm x 7.97mm

~Emerald cut

~Natural Tourmaline


Unknow, possibly heat, or none, see note below.

GIA report: I am so confident that this stone will perform unders scrutiny that I am willing to have th GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grade and report on this stone if requested. There is an additional charge and wait time if a report is added. Typical turnaround time is an additional 4-6 weeks. Reports are non-refundable UNLESS the report comes back with a treatment other than basic heat. If you would like to preview a stone first and then order a GIA report at a later date, this is also a service I provide.

All gemstones come with a 15 day return policy, no questions asked.

Tourmaline is sometimes heated to produce red or bright pink stones. Green stones and grey stones, (such as this one) are not commonly heated as doing so would produce a colorless stone, or a bright green stone. My understanding is that there is not a reliable method of detecting heat treatment in tourmaline. However, a GIA report would confirm that it is natural in origin.