Rugged 5 ct Mens Blue Zircon signet Ring - Sterling silver & 18k

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A deep cut blue zircon with a halo of rough cube diamonds and textured silver creates a beautifully masculine setting, a refined and luxurious look while being handsome and rugged in appearance.

The Ring:
~The ring is crafted in solid sterling silver and is not hollowed out, it has a hefty feel and weight to it.
~The top bezel and halo channels are all solid 18k yellow gold. This give a rich contrast against the textured and oxidized sterling silver.
~Ring size: 11
(The ring size can be adjusted up about 1/2 size if needed)
~Top measures 20mm wide
~Lower ring shank is 7.5mm wide

The Zircon: Natural blue zircon.
~Weight : 5.05 carats
~Dimensions: 9.3mm x 7.2mm x 6.9mm
~Zircon is a natural gemstone, earth mined and is also one of the oldest known minerals on the planet, often dating back to over 4 billion years old.
~Zircon of this size is rare, so upon receiving the stone, I had it evaluated by a GIA Graduate Gemologist who confirmed it was a real zircon using at least two different tests. I stand behind this and guarantee its authenticity. Zircon is often confused for topaz or even apatite, which are very different but commonly used as a cheaper replacement.

The Accent stones:
~I selected two matched teal blue diamonds for the two smaller stones in each triangle. I wanted stones that would be durable and match the color of the zircon.

The diamond halo:
~Hand selected halo of natural rough diamond cubes. These diamonds are all raw and uncut. They naturally form in this shape. I selected a grouping of diamonds that all had similar sizes and their colors range from yellow, to rust, to white to grey. I love how they contrast against the polished yellow gold, but play to the rugged texture of the silver.

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If you like this ring and want it made with a different stone or in a different size, please contact me for a quote.