5 ct Australian semi black crystal Opal ring in 14k white

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A beautiful opal halo ring with a bespoke, design for this cool/winter colored opal.

Size 7

Solid 14k white gold

Natural White Diamonds, SI-1, GH

5.07carat natural solid Australian semi-black crystal opal.

12.9 x 10.9 x 4.3mm

This opal is not a full black, it is about an N3 with a semi transparency.

Mined from Lightning Ridge, Australia.

About a 3.5 Brightness Main colors are blue and green with subtle purples and the occasional fleck of magenta. the camera seems to home in on the magenta and blue, while in reality, the magenta is hard to see and the green, teal and blue are much more prominent. In order to see the opal in its true colors, see the video.

I labeled two of the photos with the type of light. This is not a super strongly colored opal in indoor light, but really comes alive anytime it ha a good direct light source like a strong overhead lamp or the sun.