27.92 carat Natural Swiss blue Topaz in Checkerboard Rectangle Cut

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This beautifully cut stone was cut in Sri Lanka in 2001 and has sat ever since and is now finally out for the public! A Video of the stone can be seen here: 

This stone was originally a light silvery white natural topaz, and was then irradiated and heated to give it it's new permanent swiss blue color, considered one of the more desirable colors for treated topaz. Very consistent color, no zoning or molting. The cutting is very well done, nice even facets, no chips, good meeting points.

Weight: 27.92 carats

Size: 19.3mm x 14.7mm x 12.4mm deep

Eye Clean Topaz has a hardness of 8 making it well suited for both rings and pendants. You'll receive the exact stone pictured.

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PS: Want this stone, and want it set in a piece of jewelry? It will need to have a setting custom created for it as it will not fit standard mounts. And I am more than happy to take this on if wanted.