20 Sided Rutile Quartz Medallion - Sterling and 14k Rose gold

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This stunning gem is a rare treat to behold. featuring laser thin copper hued rutile within a crystal clear faceted stone. The stone has been faceted into a D20 (20 sided dice) shape. Each triangular face has then been subdivided into three additional small triangles to help split the light even further for a total of 60 facets.  The edges are very crisp and clean without any chips or rough polish marks: The sign of a master at work.

I crafted this pendant to be a minimal setting, with just the bare minimum needed to securely hold this stone aloft.  

Features Solid sterling silver and solid 14k rose gold. The rose gold further compliments the copper hues within the stone.

The stone is 22mm across. This is a 100% natural gemstone.

Includes a 20" x 1.8mm rounded box chain, as pictured.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of the scale and clarity of this stone.