2.9 ct Natural Bi Colored pink tourmaline loose gemstone

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This stone has a very bright and clean cut, no internal flaws, which is rare for tourmaline. Stones like this normally retain for about a thousand a carat!

There are a few tiny specs of dust on the stone in the pictures. These are not surface flaws on the stone.

~Very nearly flawless
~No visible inclusions
~Well cut
~Deep reddish pink to peach bi color
~2.9 carats
~8.75mm x 7.2mm x 5.35mm deep
~Emerald cut
~Natural Tourmaline
~Treatment: Unknown, No treatment indicated, but possibly heated

GIA report: I am so confident that this stone will perform unders scrutiny that I am willing to have th GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grade and report on this stone if requested. There is an additional charge and wait time if a report is added. Typical turnaround time is an additional 4-6 weeks. Reports are non-refundable UNLESS the report comes back with a treatment other than basic heat. If you would like to preview a stone first and then order a GIA report at a later date, this is also a service I provide. All gemstones come with a 15 day return policy, no questions asked.

Tourmaline is sometimes heated to produce red or bright pink stones. Green stones and grey stones,are not commonly heated as doing so would produce a colorless stone, or a bright green stone. My understanding is that there is not a reliable method of detecting heat treatment in tourmaline. However, a GIA report would confirm that it is natural in origin. If heated, the treatment is permanent.